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In July and August 2022 Wendy and I travelled to Europe and to the United Kingdom (no longer in Europe - at least politically).

This, our first European trip since the Covid-19 pandemic, began in Berlin to visit my daughter Emily, her Partner Guido, and their children, Leander and Tilda, our grandchildren there.

Part 1 of this report touched on places in Germany then on a Baltic Cruise, landing in: Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and the Netherlands. Read more...

Now, Part 2 takes place in northern France. Part 3, yet to come, takes place in England and Scotland.


Europe22 N France01a

From Amsterdam, see Part 1, we caught the train to Paris, passing through Brussels (see a previous visit) on the way.

Europe22 N France02 

Having checked in to our hotel near Gard du Nord we set out to see a bit of Paris by walking to Montmartre.

The panorama above was taken from the front of Sacré-Cœur, now second most famous Paris landmark (since Notre Dame caught fire).

The Basilica has a bizarre history. It was constructed as a penance to God for the for the moral decline of France, since the French Revolution. The evidence for God's unhappiness with France was the country's defeat in 1870 during the Franco-Prussian war and the imprisonment of the Pope in Italy by Italian nationalists:

"We recognize that we were guilty and justly punished. To make honourable amends for our sins, and to obtain the infinite mercy of the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ and the pardon of our sins, as well as extraordinary aid which alone can delivery our sovereign Pontiff from captivity and reverse the misfortune of France, we promise to contribute to the erection in Paris of a sanctuary dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

And here it stands: in the fond hope of 'reversing the misfortune of France'. 1914 do you feel another war coming on?

Europe22 N France03

The next morning, we walked in another direction, to Père Lachaise Cemetery, where many famous people are interred. It's huge and quite undulating so a level of fitness is required, particularly after having walked there in the first place.

Europe22 N France04

Europe22 N France05

No visit to Paris would be complete without a walk around the Île de la Cité and a visit to Notre Dame - although this time was a bit different.

Europe22 N France06

We cast our minds back. This was what it looked like in 2006, during our previous visit. 

Europe22 N France07

On the other hand, the Champs Elysée and its infamous roundabout, around the Arc de Triomphe, hasn't changed much, except for the crowds on the footpath.

Europe22 N France08

Back at Gare du Nord we were to collect our rental car from the enormous, and deep, underground car park beneath the station and then to find our way out of Paris.

Europe22 N France09

Driving in Paris in an unfamiliar car, on the wrong side of the road, gearstick in the other hand, turn indicators and wipers back-to-front, can be something of a trial. And the traffic is so bad that pedestrians often overtake one.

This turned out to be even harder than we anticipated as Tom-tom (our normally reliable GPS map device) kept returning us to an on-ramp to the expressway that was blocked by a Saturday market and strolling pedestrians who would not get out of the way.  Eventually I drove off to another suburb until Tom-tom found a new ramp.  But once out on the expressway it all gets a lot easier, particularly with the more sensible seed limits eating up the kilometres.

France Map1


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South Korea & China

March 2016



South Korea



I hadn't written up our trip to South Korea (in March 2016) but Google Pictures gratuitously put an album together from my Cloud library so I was motivated to add a few words and put it up on my Website.  Normally I would use selected images to illustrate observations about a place visited.  This is the other way about, with a lot of images that I may not have otherwise chosen.  It requires you to go to the link below if you want to see pictures. You may find some of the images interesting and want to by-pass others quickly. Your choice. In addition to the album, Google generated a short movie in an 8mm style - complete with dust flecks. You can see this by clicking the last frame, at the bottom of the album.

A few days in Seoul were followed by travels around the country, helpfully illustrated in the album by Google generated maps: a picture is worth a thousand words; ending back in Seoul before spending a few days in China on the way home to OZ. 

Read more: South Korea & China

Fiction, Recollections & News

The Writer



The fellow sitting beside me slammed his book closed and sat looking pensive. 

The bus was approaching Cremorne junction.  I like the M30.  It starts where I get on so I’m assured of a seat and it goes all the way to Sydenham in the inner West, past Sydney University.  Part of the trip is particularly scenic, approaching and crossing the Harbour Bridge.  We’d be in The City soon.

My fellow passenger sat there just staring blankly into space.  I was intrigued.   So I asked what he had been reading that evoked such deep thought.  He smiled broadly, aroused from his reverie.  “Oh it’s just Inferno the latest Dan Brown,” he said.   

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Opinions and Philosophy

Electricity price increases



14 April 2011

New South Wales electricity users are to suffer another round of hefty price increases; with more to come.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has announced that electricity prices for the average New South Wales resident will increase by 17.6 per cent from July.  Sydney customers will pay on average about $230 more each year, while rural customers will face an extra $316 in charges.  IPART says it is recommending the increases because of costs associated with energy firms complying with the federal government's Renewable Energy Target (RET).  The RET requires energy firms to source power from renewable sources such as solar or wind.

What is this about and how does it relate to the planned carbon tax?

If you want to know more read here and here.

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