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In Malacca we stayed in China Town where it was possible to buy pork won ton soup and other pork dishes; and in a courtyard off our street locals were preparing a suckling pig for Chinese New Year.  But in our hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Penang we could not get real breakfast bacon, nor was pork served in the various Chinese Restaurants that we ate in in those cities.

Those of my readers who have read my report on India will know that I can't eat food heavily spiced with chilli.  Unfortunately in Malaysia this unpleasant culinary fashion has spread, presumably with the Indian migrants.  This makes a significant part of the Malayan menu inedible for me.  On the other hand Wendy loves chilli.  But in the Chinese restaurants the food is very good and fresh chilli is sparingly used, and easily picked out with chopsticks.  Additional chilli is available if required. 




The good thing was that breakfast at most of our hotels was vast and covered every taste; provided it didn't include pork.  Malaysia is one of the last places I would recommend for a culinary experience.  But it does beat India; at least you are not denied beef and can avoid the chilli.

I know it's boring and conservative but I prefer France, Italy or Spain; even Greece or Turkey; for a good food experience.  Vietnam and China are also a lot more exciting from a culinary point of view; you can get pork, beef and duck, in addition to vegetables, fish, chicken and 'mutton'; actually they will eat almost anything that was once alive; as well as some not yet dead.

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When we talked of going to Hawaii for a couple of weeks in February 2018 several of our friends enthusiastically recommended it. To many of them it's a nice place to go on holidays - a little further to go than Bali but with a nicer climate, better beaches and better shopping - with bargains to be had at the designer outlets.




To nearly one and a half million racially diverse Hawaiians it's home.



Downtown Hilo


To other Americans it's the newest State, the only one thousands of miles from the North American Continent, and the one that's more exotic than Florida.

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Fiction, Recollections & News

More on Technology and Evolution





Regular readers will know that I have an artificial heart valve.  Indeed many people have implanted prosthesis, from metal joints or tooth fillings to heart pacemakers and implanted cochlear hearing aides, or just eye glasses or dentures.   Some are kept alive by drugs.  All of these are ways in which our individual survival has become progressively more dependent on technology.  So that should it fail many would suffer.  Indeed some today feel bereft without their mobile phone that now substitutes for skills, like simple mathematics, that people once had to have themselves.  But while we may be increasingly transformed by tools and implants, the underlying genes, conferred by reproduction, remain human.

The possibility of accelerated genetic evolution through technology was brought nearer last week when, on 28 November 2018, a young scientist, He Jiankui, announced, at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong, that he had successfully used the powerful gene-editing tool CRISPR to edit a gene in several children.

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Opinions and Philosophy

Energy woes in South Australia





South Australia has run aground on the long foreseen wind energy reef - is this a lee shore?

Those of you who have followed my energy commentaries published here over the past six years will know that this situation was the entirely predictable outcome of South Australia pressing on with an unrealistic renewable energy target dependent on wind generated electricity, subsidised by market distorting Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) (previously called RECs in some places on this website - the name was changed after their publication).  

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