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Yet as we travelled around there remained a more concerning black cloud on the horizon, particularly for the North.  'The Troubles' are not entirely dead but just dormant, as I will mention later in this trip.  It is feared that a new 'hard border' between the two states will rekindle the desire of some to ferment revolution aimed at unification and in others pre-emptive action to ensure that there can be no such unification.  At the time of writing 'BREXIT', British withdrawal from the EC, is in turmoil and such a 'hard border' is a distinct possibility. Since we left there has already been a terrorist bombing (on January 20) at a courthouse in Derry.

To us there seemed an obvious solution. That would be for Northern Ireland not to leave the EC.  It is, after all, a self-governing country in its own right.  The Scots would love to have the same option but then they would have a 'hard border'.  At least the Scottish border is long established and historically defined so that it doesn't run down the centre of streets down the middle of rivers or follow ancient hedgerows across people's property.  It's also shorter because it's quite straight while the Northern Irish border looks like a random squiggle by a drunken cartographer with Parkinson's.  Yet again religion or perhaps patriotism seems to have got in the way of practicality.

At the time of writing it's still not resolved.



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This article is brilliant. I've learnt a lot from reading about these travels
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In August 2019 we returned to Turkey, after fourteen years, for a more encompassing holiday in the part that's variously called Western Asia or the Middle East.  There were iconic tourist places we had not seen so with a combination of flights and a rental car we hopped about the map in this very large country. 

We began, as one does, in Istanbul. 

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Fiction, Recollections & News

Lost Magic



I recently had another look at a short story I'd written a couple of years ago about a man who claimed to be a Time Lord.

I noticed a typo.  Before I knew it I had added a new section and a new character and given him an experience I actually had as a child. 

It happened one sports afternoon - primary school cricket on Thornleigh oval. 

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Opinions and Philosophy

How does electricity work?




The electrically literate may find this somewhat simplified article redundant; or possibly amusing. They should check out Wikipedia for any gaps in their knowledge.

But I hope this will help those for whom Wikipedia is a bit too complicated and/or detailed.

All cartoons from The New Yorker - 1925 to 2004

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