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Chapter 14 - Development




Mohandas wasn'tt entirely sure how he had been recruited to this program to develop his member to a more satisfactory size.

Kat had simply sprung it on him when he imagined it was another of her little games.  Now he discovered that the lingam enlarging process would take weeks, so first thing on Tuesday he ordered a cot to be delivered and cut a hole in it, as specified by Vatsyayana. 

He contacted his manager again saying that now he was very sick and expected to be off for at least another fortnight.  Normal intercourse hurt him terribly yet Kat insisted on it, before applying her cool concoctions, saying that it was part of the treatment.  He knew when a session was about to begin because she would kiss a capsule into his mouth. She would then caress and slap and squeeze his lingam until he was in mind-numbing pain as his erection grew sufficiently for intercourse.  After the fifth day he found that he looked forward to these treatments and became painfully erect the moment she removed her skirt, blouse and knickers, in preparation for the session, that would quite often end with her talking Pussy out of the bag 'for a little supper'. As a result of these ongoing attentions he was still very swollen and sore a fortnight later. 

He was gingerly applying her slaving cream, after her latest erotic demands had been satisfied, when she abruptly said that it was a pity that they had to end her visits on such a sore note. 

"It was nice knowing you but I'm afraid that's going to be 'it'.  I can't come any more."

"What do you mean?" he said, shocked.

"I know that Mikado is working.  You are just fiddling with it to keep me coming over in the evenings: Aren't you!"

He looked sheepish and nodded like a little boy.  She was delighted.  It was an educated guess on her part.

"You're one of those developers that when you see light at the end of the tunnel orders another hundred metres of tunnel."

"I'm sorry.  It's just that I love you and want to be with you, always," he begged.

"Even so, you'll be back at work tomorrow.  And I'll be away for a couple of months.  I've been putting off this trip to be with you.  But now I discover you've been lying and keeping me here under false pretences."

He felt as if the bottom had dropped out of his life.  "Do you have to go so soon?" He was in tears.

"I could delay for another couple of weeks.  But what would be the point with you back at work again.  And that's awkward when we both work at the same place."

That's when he came up with 'his idea' that over a week earlier she'd used hypnotic suggestion to implant in his subconscious awareness: 

"I've been thinking that Mikado could be made into a real commercial App," he said.  "It could be quite successful like 'couch surfing'; or Air-B&B; or any of those."

"I don't know," she said.  "It sounds like a lot of work. What's in that for me?"

"We could do it together.  Would that make you stay a bit longer, until I'm better?"

After quite a bit of persuasion she finally agreed.  She would stay and help until they had a commercial App. 

"But if I find you've been wasting time playing games or deliberately extending the project again I'm out of here," she said.

He messaged his boss yet again saying that he would need to take his full two months annual leave.  He gave Kat his password so that she could go in and forward his work messages. They settled into a routine.  Kat would visit him most evenings on her hover-bike after work to see what he'd done; collect a copy to review at home; and reward him for his day's work. Pussy would then come out for supper.  Kat always parked in the nearby parking station, where the landing pad launched towards the park, and she could come and go unseen, or at least unrecognised, wearing her black helmet and long black flying-coat.

The sex, which often involved hurting him was a lot of fun now and his swollen member was much more satisfactory.  Anyway she needed some relief from his droning on and on and having to pretend that she understood a word he was saying.  Mohandas was now prepared to do anything she demanded.  Obviously some things she made him do, like licking her dirty shoes, gave her no real sexual satisfaction.  They were simply part of his training, the process of removing the last remnants of ego.  It's like making a dog sit and wait for the 'eat command' before he's allowed to eat.  Now that she'd trained him almost completely, he would give her 'his ego' on command.  Of course that was just for fun, to prove her complete dominion, most went via Pussy to Margery for 'shoe credit'.

On the days she didn't arrive due to Margery's other social engagements, usually involving being seen around town with Phillip, who is old time royalty, Mohandas would miss Kat terribly.  Nothing was too much.  He looked forward to satisfying her in ever more ways.  For her part 'Kat' enjoyed his growing skill at pleasing her.  She even re-experienced a virtual reality medley of her haptic recordings at work using her  Touchyfeely erotic bodystocking and her discrete, head-up display glasses.  She particularly liked doing this when Bianca might see and guess that she was replaying Mohandas.  But Bianca was being very standoffish since their last lunch.  Somehow Bianca had known about her dates with Phillip, boating and at the Zoo. 

Phillip has paid several times over for his loose tongue.  She punished him systematically until he began begging her to hurt him again.  Then it lost it's sting and her enjoyment waned.  Kat suggested mesmerising both him and Mohandas and making them have each other.  Of course they won't do it unless they subconsciously desire it.  So in preparation Margery's been seeing if she can make, aggressively heterosexual, Phillip become gay. It's been lots of fun for Kat.  She's always liked taking the male role with her strap-on dildo but that just makes her victims like 'her' more.  So after initial 'conditioning' by Kat, Margery introduced Phillip to 'Glen', a very lifelike gender-morphing automaton, supplied by a wicked colleague.  To every external appearance Glen is a real person with real: attributes; abilities; and a filthy mouth; but her/his erotic desires, pleasures and skills are programmed to change with his/her physical appearance - from a voluptuous young woman into a very well endowed young man - or vice versa.  

Before deploying Glen each time Margery was careful to enchant Phillip, suggesting that he wanted to try yet another small erotic transformation.   At each session Glen's skin texture and odour, as well as other more obvious physical attributes transformed, initially a very sexy young girl Glen progressively became a fit, and very simpatico, young man.  The result, in just a few sessions, was spectacular.  Unfortunately this was too fast for Kat.  Phillip was no longer finding her very sexy and the whole point of this, otherwise rather delightful exercise of control over Phillip's very essence, was lost because her spoil-sport alter-ego, Margery, didn't want to jeopardise Mohandas' principal function, which is to develop Mikado.  So last weekend Margery and Kat went to a football game to pickup one of Phillip's macho heroes, a heterosexual footballer, who Kat's presently converting for Phillip:  a Tweedledum to his Tweedledee.  Glen is a thrilling new addition to the toolshed and like any new tool, 'practice makes perfect'.  The next outing will be to convert a heterosexual girl the other way.

Now it's a new year and things are back on track in other ways too.

Margery's other long awaited deliveries have arrived. Kat's tingling with erotic anticipation. Bianca had proven difficult for Margery to enchant last year using her ring but her new device has a lot more 'puff' and there's no possibility of failure.  Bianca will certainly be Kat's to play with by to morrow evening.  Maybe it will be the next outing for Glen. 

Kat was so excited this morning at the prospect that after lunch she arrived early at Mohandas' for some afternoon delight.  And having been moderately delighted, she's now lounging on a big cushion in Mohandas' workroom in her voluptuous red satin-brocade house coat. It's fallen open from the waist, exposing her legs and tummy in a way that she knows he finds enormously erotic, so she's made no effort to cover up.   Perhaps on Thursday Margery will bring Bianca around here for her first 'play date' with Mohandas.  Start her off small.

She laughed happily at her 'little' joke and at the delicious thought.  Not that he's so little anymore.  Mohandas turned from his screen and smiled stupidly, pleased that his mistress was happy. Tomorrow is Wednesday, the day they met, and Kat always celebrates Wednesday with another Christmas present. Then she'll kiss his pill into his mouth and he will get very hard and they'll spend the next hour in bed before she has to go.

Margery was pleased that the Wednesday ritual now produced this Pavlovian response. For quite some time the pill had been nothing but a breath freshener. After a day spent coding and eating junk food he needs that more than the original sildenafil and THC.  

He'll get a pleasant surprise tomorrow when his girlfriend turns up, hot to trot for a threesome. 

Next weekend she fancies a much longer threesome with Bianca and Phillip.  It will be an excellent training opportunity for both of them.

She rolled over in pleasure and cuddled her cushion.  Yes; this was to be the year of the Kat.



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In fairy-tales, witches always wear silly black hats and black cloaks, and they ride on broomsticks.
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REAL WITCHES dress in ordinary clothes and look very much like ordinary women.
They live in ordinary houses and they work in ORDINARY JOBS.
That is why they are so hard to catch.

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I have discussed this at length in the article Carbon Sequestration (Carbon Capture and Storage) on this website. 

In that detailed analysis I dismissed CCS as a realistic solution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions for the following reasons:

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