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Chapter 4



This is a really great location for a hotel.  It's long and low, five or six stories, with spectacular views to the falls. A wilderness of jungle, that starts immediately below the manicured gardens, extends all the way to the mists rising off the falling waters, down there, in the middle distance.

A Premier Suite!  It’s a lot better than I’m used to.  Just as Geraldo described, the double room space is open plan, partially divided by a central timber console unit on which stands a huge flat-screen TV, separating the bed/bath and a huge sitting areas. 

There is a square glass topped dining table on which stands an expensive looking bronze nude: a Gypsy dancer, with castanets held high.  In front of a black leather three seat couch is a low coffee table with a huge vase of flowers at its centre.  The suite is ideal for my present purpose, the nicest I've ever seen.  But I suppose to Cassandra, with all her millions, this is the bottom of the range - slumming. 

There on the central console unit is the clock.  The clock that is really a camera.  Geraldo certainly went to a lot of trouble to show it to me yesterday and watch me remove and replace the memory card to be sure I can get it quickly:  "perhaps while she's in the loo after you finish". 

The 'drop', that's spy talk, for leaving the memory card for him is a locker at the airport, on my way out.  He's made an extra key for the locker so we have one each. 

The clock is very clever.  It starts filming as soon as there's movement in its field of view.  It has face recognition software and pans and zooms to keep figures and movement in frame. 


Cassandra's wasting no time.

“Unzip me darling, and we’ll see if you can put me in hospital.” 

Her dress slips from her shoulders, falling to the floor. With a rippling half-shell about her feet she reminds me of the poster of Botticelli's Birth of Venus, that decorated my mother's room back in the Barrio.

She's undoing the buckle on my belt and loosening my pants. Her hand is slipping down to check me out. Damn she’s a good kisser. She smells hot.  And her body is so sexy. I've become very hard down there. She's pulled it free from my pants.

But I’m really uneasy now.  Something doesn’t add up.

I realise. It's my prints!  Geraldo wanted my fingerprints on the clock inside and out! 

I am being set-up as the fall guy for something.

But I’m committed now.  If I pull out now Geraldo will want his first money back; and there's another four thousand at stake.

"Just wait a minute," I say and rush to the bathroom to have a pee - and a think.

What can I do?  I've already spent most of the first thousand and to get the next instalment I have to leave him a memory card, complete with a video of me fucking his wife in a locker at the airport. But I need to get my prints off that clock.  I could go back in there and pretend to admire the camera-clock and give it a nice little polish with this hand towel.  But it will be very obvious and my prints are still inside it. I'll just have to hope that I get a chance to wipe it inside and out later. 

Oh hell! Now I’ve peed I've lost interest in putting on this show.  And it shows.  I'll just have to get back into the mood.

Cassandras' standing almost naked by the bed, now she must be in full view of the camera.  She's beckoning me over to her.  She wants me to unclip her bra.

"You know I said I have a fantasy," she's saying as I fiddle with the hook things. "Would you like to hear it now?"

"Yes," reply.  I'm James Bond again, Mr cool.

"I'm in an expensive restaurant with my husband - we have a private room.   Unbeknown to Geraldo I have a secret lover who's hiding under out table. Do you know why?"

"No," I say - I've no idea what she's talking about.

"He's a handsome stud, just like you.  And as I eat, so does he.  Now do you understand?  My husband doesn't know and mustn't find out.  The stud's job is to make this as difficult for me as possible.  Do you think you could do something like that?" 

"You're sort of preparing to do it already. It's a metaphor for this little fling." 

As her meaning became clear I went cold with horror. ¡Ay dios mio, that's revolting.  I've heard of it of course but always mocked it.  No real man would never do that.  Taking a man in her mouth is a woman's thing.  A man does it to dominate her, when he demands it, whether she likes it or not.

I'm certainly not going to do that for her!  If it wasn't for the money I'd be out of here right now. 

She's been smiling seductively, undoing my shirt as she spoke. No she's unzipped my pants I feel them drop to my ankles.  She has her arms around my neck kissing me.  Now she's pushing down on my shoulders as if she wants me to get down.  But I'm panicking in front of that camera. I've lost my erection completely and I can't get it up!  I must look like a maricón; limp while being kissed by this beautiful naked woman.  And it's all being recorded by that damn camera.  There's no way I'm going down there.  This is a disaster.  I'm thinking of the money I might lose.

Suddenly I'm on my back.


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In the footsteps of Marco Polo





Travels in Central Asia


In June 2018 we travelled to China before joining an organised tour in Central Asia that, except for a sojourn in the mountains of Tajikistan, followed in the footsteps of Marco Polo along the Great Silk Road. 

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Fiction, Recollections & News

The McKie Family







This is the story of the McKie family down a path through the gardens of the past that led to where I'm standing.  Other paths converged and merged as the McKies met and wed and bred.  Where possible I've glimpsed backwards up those paths as far as records would allow. 

The setting is Newcastle upon Tyne in northeast England and my path winds through a time when the gardens there flowered with exotic blooms and their seeds and nectar changed the entire world.  This was the blossoming of the late industrial and early scientific revolution and it flowered most brilliantly in Newcastle.

I've been to trace a couple of lines of ancestry back six generations to around the turn of the 19th century. Six generations ago, around the turn of the century, lived sixty-four individuals who each contributed a little less 1.6% of their genome to me, half of them on my mother's side and half on my father's.  Yet I can't name half a dozen of them.  But I do know one was called McKie.  So this is about his descendents; and the path they took; and some things a few of them contributed to Newcastle's fortunes; and who they met on the way.

In six generations, unless there is duplication due to copulating cousins, we all have 126 ancestors.  Over half of mine remain obscure to me but I know the majority had one thing in common, they lived in or around Newcastle upon Tyne.  Thus they contributed to the prosperity, fertility and skill of that blossoming town during the century and a half when the garden there was at its most fecund. So it's also a tale of one city.

My mother's family is the subject of a separate article on this website. 


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Opinions and Philosophy

Issues Arising from the Greenhouse Hypothesis

This paper was first written in 1990 - nearly 30 years ago - yet little has changed.

Except of course, that a lot of politicians and bureaucrats have put in a lot of air miles and stayed in some excellent hotels in interesting places around the world like Kyoto, Amsterdam and Cancun. 

In the interim technology has come to our aid.  Wind turbines, dismissed here, have become larger and much more economic as have PV solar panels.  Renewable energy options are discussed in more detail elsewhere on this website.



Climate Change

Issues Arising from the Greenhouse Hypothesis


Climate change has wide ranging implications for the World, ranging from its impacts on agriculture (through drought, floods, water availability, land degradation and carbon credits) mining (by limiting markets for coal and minerals processing) manufacturing and transport (through energy costs) to property damage resulting from storms.  The issues are complex, ranging from disputes about the impact of human activities on global warming, to arguments about what should be done and the consequences of the various actions proposed.  The following paper explores some of the issues and their potential impact.


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