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One recreation that I find very absorbing is drawing and painting. 

Having once been married to an exceptionally talented artist (now Brenda Chat) I do not pretend great skill or insight.

I always drew and painted but living with Brenda was like someone who has just mastered ‘chopsticks’ on the piano being confronted by Mozart. 

Our daughter Emily has inherited or acquired some of her mother’s skill and talent.  

Emily and I once attended life classes together and I am awed by her talent too.  One of her drawings hangs behind me as I write.  It is a wonderful pencil study of a life class nude. 




My youngest daughter Julia also has considerable skill with pencil and brush.

Julia with one of her paintings at Mosman Gallery


So I am the dilettante in the family.

Nevertheless I have recently revived my interest in making pictures.  Below I've posted a few of my, mainly charcoal, drawings from that life class long ago as well as a couple of recent oil paintings – work in progress. 

My current project is an attempt at landscape, a bit more challenging perhaps.  The pictures shown are from my first class at Balmoral.  The next two weeks are at a new location - more later.

I would be delighted if someone liked any of my scribbles sufficiently to request the full resolution photograph for printing.  I only ask that I am acknowledged as the artist.  And if you do think sufficiently of any of them I would welcome your feedback too.


The Slides:


 Life Study
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