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Carbon Sequestration and Storage is very likely a non-starter as a real solution to climate change and the implications of this for the Garnaut analysis and the CPRS are dire.

For the CPRS to have a real impact on carbon dioxide release, and consequent accelerated climate change, the existing NSW energy dependent economy must seriously contract.

In the absence of CCS and to avoid serious negative economic impacts, the original CPRS concept needs to be castrated by exempting (or issuing free allocations under the cap to them) the largest carbon users in the economy; effectively removing its constraints on carbon dioxide release particularly in the energy and trade exposed sectors.  This modified CPRS will discriminate against small-scale domestic industries and consumers, distorting the economy in unpredictable and, very likely, harmful ways.

A viable alternative is to immediately take steps to introduce nuclear electricity generation in NSW (and Australia).  This would obviate the need for a CPRS.

Richard McKie


[1] http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/minerals/resources/coal/coal-industry

[2] Not actually sequestration – this is generally viewed as CO2 generating.

[3]International Energy Agency (IEA) data – quoted in Wikipedia

[4] The atomic weight of carbon (C) is 12 and oxygen (O) 16 so: C + O2 → CO2 and: 12 + 32 → 44 or: 1 tonne → 3.667 tonnes. Different coals have considerable variability in ash (6.5% to 30%) and volatiles (half carbon by weight 20.8% to 37.9%) depending on grade and purpose. If we estimate the carbon content of NSW coal to average around 75% (local) and 90% (export) coal production that year equates to roughly 24.8 million tonnes of carbon burnt locally and 80 million tonnes exported in 2005-6.

[8] U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health



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Spain and Portugal



Spain is in the news.

Spain has now become the fourth Eurozone country, after Greece, Ireland and Portugal, to get bailout funds in the growing crisis gripping the Euro.

Unemployment is high and services are being cut to reduce debt and bring budgets into balance.  Some economists doubt this is possible within the context of a single currency shared with Germany and France. There have been violent but futile street demonstrations.

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Fiction, Recollections & News

Religious Freedom

Israel Folau refuses to back down, tells Rugby Australia he’s prepared to quit code

(Headline - Weekend Australian - 13 April 2018)


Israel Folau is a fundamentalist Christian Rugby League footballer who was asked on Instagram: "what was God's plan for gay people??".  He replied: "Hell... Unless they repent of their sins and turn to God".

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Opinions and Philosophy

The Meaning of Life




This essay is most of all about understanding; what we can know and what we think we do know. It is an outline originally written for my children and I have tried to avoid jargon or to assume the reader's in-depth familiarity with any of the subjects I touch on. I began it in 1997 when my youngest was still a small child and parts are still written in language I used with her then. I hope this makes it clear and easy to understand for my children and anyone else.

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